Online media is undergoing massive disruption and redefinition. That’s good. It needs to.

The current economic model requires click-based churning that panders to quantity over quality while readers suffer from inferior depth and breadth of coverage. Good talent washes out or is hidden amid retread names and gone-tomorrow amateurs.

“The Basketball Writers” is where the next generation of great hoops creators are compensated fairly, supported directly by readers who are rewarded with superior content across a broad spectrum of accessible, informative topics and media. Here, savvy basketball fans worldwide forsake the click-bait, hyperbolic, faulty analysis, advertising-choked alternatives.

We are built upon Basketball Intelligence’s industry-respected quality foundation, providing highly intelligent basketball research and multimedia content (NBA, WNBA the International leagues and more soon!) for the thinking fan in the mobile age. You can also read more about what we’re up to here, or you can summarize everything we’re about in one catchy slogan:

“Elevate the Conversation. Elevate the Game.”