By David Berri

I am a professor of economics at Southern Utah University who has spent the last two decades researching sports and economics. I am the lead author of "The Wages of Wins" (Stanford Press, 2006) and "Stumbling on Wins" (Financial Times Press, 2010). In addition, I am the sole author of "Sports Economics" (a 2018 textbook from Macmillan Publishers). I have been part of more than 60 academic papers published on the subject of sports economics; work that covers a wide variety of topics including the evaluation of players and coaches, competitive balance, the drafting of players, labor disputes, the NCAA, and gender issues in sports. In the past, I have written on the subject of sports economics for a number of popular media outlets, including the New York Times, the,, Vice Sports, and Forbes.

The Unequal Path Women Take from College to the WNBA

A 20-year old sophomore at Texas Tech, Jarrett Culver played his last college basketball game on April 8th when his Red Raiders were defeated by the University of Virginia in the NCAA men’s basketball championship game. On May 16th, Culver will be in Chicago to attend the 2019 NBA Draft Combine—a televised event on ESPN2. If…