By Dylan Hunter Carter

Dylan Hunter Carter is a freelance sports journalist contributing to The Basketball Writers. He also currently covers the Spurs for Air Alamo and is a digital reporter for Cronkite News: Phoenix Sports covering the Phoenix Suns, ASU athletics and other local topics.

Collin Sexton isn’t the Problem

It felt as if the Cleveland Cavaliers’ championship team fell apart as quickly as it formed, what with LeBron James’ return lasting just four seasons. As injuries piled on, off-court troubles came to fruition and tremendous cap sheets exhausted Dan Gilbert’s spending limits. Star point guard Kyrie Irving requested a trade, and it all went…


Robert Covington Needs a Change of Scenery

Now seven years into his NBA career, Minnesota Timberwolves forward Robert Covington is stuck in a peculiar situation. After providing a glimmer of hope for the Philadelphia 76ers during the height of their rebuild, Covington was cast away in what was seen as the completion of ‘The Process.’ He was shipped off to the Timberwolves—another…


A Rebooted Jabari Parker is Thriving With Atlanta Hawks

Calm and collected as ever, Atlanta Hawks forward Jabari Parker has traveled a long and strenuous path in the professional ranks.  Shaking off countless injuries and various role changes across three franchises, Parker has finally landed in a comfortable spot where he can pursue the level of success that was projected for him when he…


At Least RJ Barrett is Good, Right?

After entering the summer of 2019 with high hopes for their offseason, the New York Knicks remain stuck with the muddied persona they’ve built for themselves. Despite offseason hype and rampant rumors of franchise-altering free agency additions, the NBA’s most lucrative team is back at the bottom of the standings with two wins through 10…