By Duncan Smith

Duncan loves the pick-and-roll and good defense. He's a long-suffering Pistons fan who observes the wider NBA with an analytical eye. You can follow him @duncansmithnba on Twitter.

How Long Can Detroit Pistons Survive Blake Griffin’s Absence?

Detroit Pistons fans know that things are never quite as easy as they might look. So with a playoff likelihood of 99 percent for weeks now, per FiveThirtyEight, it hasn’t been a matter of if something would go wrong, but what would go wrong and when. What eventually went wrong was perhaps the most likely thing all…


Reggie Jackson, Andre Drummond Have Figured it Out Just in Time

Since the Detroit Pistons acquired Reggie Jackson at the 2015 trade deadline, the synergy between he and Andre Drummond has been one of the franchise’s bedrocks. There just hasn’t been enough of it for a foundation. In spite of a promising start during their first full season together in 2015-16 (when they led the Pistons…