By Gabriel Ibrahim

Gabe is the host of TBW’s Get The W podcast. He is a WNBA reporter and analyst as well as the Executive Editor of As a lawyer, Gabe became obsessed with the front office maneuvers of NBA teams and noticed a lack of coverage surrounding the WNBA salary cap. As part of the solution, he covers front office decisions and shines a light on intelligent coverage throughout the WNBA via Get The W.

Get the W: How the WNBA Comes Back This Summer

Promising comments have recently begun circulating among WNBA officials that the league can still return to play in 2020. But questions like “how soon?”, “for how long” and “at which location(s)” remain complicated to answer. Additionally, what will happen to the team rosters when final cuts are likely to be made without ever having completed…


Get the W: How We’re Covering the WNBA at TBW

In this first episode of Get the W, TBW Editor in Chief Joel C. Cordes stops by for a conversation about why this site is investing in WNBA coverage and how professional women’s basketball will keep growing in the U.S. Get the W is TBW’s new flagship WNBA show. Hosted by Gabe Ibrahim every Tuesday,…