By Howard Ruben

A communications specialist based in Los Angeles, Howard has created media campaigns for hundreds of brands in sports, music, publishing, and nonprofit. As a journalist, his stories on sports, business, and lifestyle have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles magazine, GQ, AdweekWWD, and Advertising Age. As a featured columnist for Bleacher Report, Howard’s articles on the Los Angeles Lakers, UCLA basketball, and the Olympics generated close to 3 million reads. A proud recipient of a Sigma Delta Chi Award for sports featuring writing and graduate of Missouri’s School of Journalism. Among his basketball favorites, the former All-American point guard Willie Smith (“Mr. Magic”), who averaged 24 points on 47 percent shooting during his stellar career at Mizzou.

What Daishen Nix’s Decision Means for College Basketball, NBA G League

As Benjamin Franklin once pointed out, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Were he still alive to be quoted today, Franklin might have added: “…And committing to play sports at a major university.” Sure enough, that sure-thing, hard commitment from one of the nation’s top high school…