By Jannelle Moore

Jannelle Moore is a TBW staff writer who concentrates primarily on the Golden State Warriors, L.A. Lakers and L.A. Sparks while also covering both the NBA and WNBA. She is also the host of I Got Moore, TBW's NBA/WNBA crossover podcast.

How Golden State Warriors Can Return to Contention

The Golden State Warriors have one hell of a parachute. After five consecutive trips to the NBA Finals, the Dubs’ 2019-20 season ended in an injury-plagued free fall into the league’s abyss, only to land into the offseason rather smoothly. In addition to a healthy Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson returning to the lineup and…


The NBA I Grew Up Watching: Allen Iverson vs. Everybody

Have you ever seen something so audacious and disrespectful in your life? It wasn’t enough for Philadelphia 76ers superstar guard Allen Iverson to cook Los Angeles Lakers reserve Tyronn Lue with a filthy crossover and stepback plus the score. He decided that he was going to snatch Lue’s soul in front of the Lakers’ bench…


Where L.A. Lakers Go From Here

A fish stinks from the head to the tail. When it comes to dysfunction in a team, corporation or even a family, poor leadership is, more often than not, the culprit. And that always starts at the top. To the Los Angeles Lakers’ credit, they are apparently looking to get rid of the stench that’s…


Must the L.A. Lakers Be Destroyed?

Some great movies are made, and also ruined, by the plot twist. The script for the Los Angeles Lakers’ 2018-19 season had the hype necessary for fans to watch, care and enjoy a bag of buttery and heightened expectations with their ‘ great time out’ at Staples. The storyline was not only intriguing. It was…