By Myles Ehrlich

Myles Alexander is from Brooklyn, NY, and has been writing since childhood, when it passed the time better than rolling scenery and folk CDs on family road trips. He legitimized his passion at New York University and The Writer’s Foundry MFA. His work has been published with Castings, MASH Stories, and When not writing, Myles is usually playing, watching, or reading about sports. His east coast WNBA fandom resides with the Liberty, his west coast with the Aces.

NY Liberty Reload Just in Time After EuroBasket 2019

The 2019 FIBA Women’s EuroBasket tournament shouldered its way into the first third of the WNBA season, borrowing players with national commitments from June 27 to July 7 (with some, like the Mystics’ Emma Meesseman and Kim Mestdagh, leaving earlier to prep with their squad, or others delaying their season’s start entirely). The top six…

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