By Ray LeBov

Ray is a co-Founder of TBW and frequent contributor. He has a B.A. from Yale University and J.D. from the University of Southern California and is the owner of Ray LeBov and Associates lobbying and consulting firm as well as Capitol Seminars. He is currently Executive Director of the Association for Professional Basketball Research (i.e. the world’s' pre-eminent professional basketball historians organization) since 2010. He is the founder, publisher, curator and editor of Basketball Intelligence (BI), including a daily email of the best 20-25 NBA-related internet stories as well as original content and podcasts.

Meet Sarah Kustok: Basketball Lifer

Sarah Kustok has quickly become a fixture on Brooklyn Nets broadcasts with her quick wit and insightful analysis that stems from a career both playing and coaching the game. But Sarah’s path to broadcasting has also been as windingly diverse as her basketball background. She recently sat down with TBW’s Ray LeBov to discuss how…


Fran Fraschilla on NBA Draft, G-League, New York Knicks & More

Fran Fraschilla has been a staple of ESPN’s basketball coverage at all levels for the past 18 years. What began as a “be the international draft guy” assignment for the former college coach has turned into a multi-faceted and modern approach to covering all things NBA draft. Fran sat down with TBW’s Ray LeBov to…


Meet Fran Fraschilla: From Coach’s Chair to Broadcast Booth

Sometimes, the path you’ve laid for your life takes an unexpected turn. And things are all the better for it. Fran Fraschilla has been a staple of ESPN’s basketball coverage at all levels for the past 18 years. But it all began as “life-long preparation” on the playgrounds in Brooklyn and then a successful journeyman’s…


Meet Jared Greenberg, NBA Media’s ‘Mr. Everywhere’

TNT recently added Jared Greenberg to its Tuesday night NBA lineup, which means he is now doing sideline reporting on one of TNT’s two Tuesday games while continuing to perform as studio host at various NBA-TV telecasts. He suddenly seems everywhere. That’s a good thing, as he has quickly become one of the most versatile…