By Sid Mohapatra

Sid is a TBW staff writer who was born and raised in India. His fandom is a testament to the ever-widening reach of the NBA. Always rooting for the underdog player and/or team, Sid has lived through many exhilarating ups and frustrating downs as a New York Knicks fan for nearly two decades.

Evaluating Denver Nuggets’ Most Likely Playoff Matchups

The Denver Nuggets are one of the NBA’s most unique teams.  In a league that has migrated to a fast pace, perimeter-oriented style of play, the Nuggets stand out as a group that continues to make their mark with the more traditional, slower half-court game that thrives on a variety of inside looks.  Per Advanced…


Frank Ntilikina is Still Worth Waiting for

French native Frank Ntilikina has been a project for the Knicks ever since being drafted eighth overall in 2017. Going into that draft, the 6’4” guard drew a lot of interest from scouts as a top overseas prospect, mostly due to his above-average wingspan (7’0”) and great ball-handling skills. The Knicks jumped at the opportunity to…


How New York Knicks Can Maximize Julius Randle

Rewind to last summer for a moment. This was supposed to be the era of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant for New York Knicks fans. But when the time came for superstar free agents to bite at the opportunity of playing in Madison Square Garden, no one budged, leaving team brass to scramble after next-tier players.  …


Was Carmelo Anthony Better as a Nugget or Knick?

Carmelo Anthony has done it all in his basketball career.  An NCAA champion with the Syracuse Orange in 2003, ‘Melo’ is a 10-time NBA All-Star and scoring champion (2013), as well as a multi-time Olympic gold medalist. Critics, however, have always been quick to point out his ball-stopping style of play. Another common notion is that…


The NBA I Grew Up Watching: The Under-Appreciated – Part 2

A rim rocking dunk, thunderous applause after a game-winning buzzer-beater, surprising performances from cast-away players, unexpected runs from written-off teams… The NBA has always been a place where players, coaches and teams compete at the highest level to leave an indelible mark on our sports consciousness. But while many live on through countless documented memories…


The NBA I Grew Up Watching: 2003-04 Detroit Pistons

The early 2000s was a time of great transition for me personally. Graduating from high school and into college, I wasn’t the highest achiever in class, but I was beginning to come into my own and find my feet as a person.  Basketball was also slowly beginning to grow in popularity as a sport in…