BBA 6: The Bright Future of Women’s Basketball; Meet Huw Hopkins

In this sixth episode of the Basketball by Association podcast, Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes are joined by TBW’s Huw Hopkins to outline the upward trajectory of the WNBA and global women’s leagues, as well as the opportunities and hurdles that lie ahead.

Centered around Huw’s fantastic “Meet a Few of the Many Women Creating a Basketball Renaissance” article, he highlights some of the top female content creators to follow and why the game is booming now.

The guys also discuss Huw’s interesting journey to basketball fan, player and journalist after growing up in Wales, where hoops was merely an underground afterthought.

Finally, Arky and Joel also find out Huw’s favorite players and moments that he holds dearest in his basketball journey.

Click the Play icon below to hear the full episode:

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