By The Numbers: Mitchell Robinson’s 3-Point Shot Blocking

New York Knicks fans haven’t had much to cheer about the last couple years, but young center Mitchell Robinson has been a joy to watch.

The 2nd year player is already a master shot-blocker, routinely putting his 7’0 frame, 7’4” wingspan and 9’3” standing reach to good use.

Mesh that with athleticism and great ball anticipatory instincts and you have a player affectionately known as the “Block Ness Monster”

Robinson collected 280 blocks in only 21.8 minutes per game the past two years. He also leads the league with 40 blocks on three-pointers, according to (That’s 16 more than Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green or Toronto Raptors forward Pascal Siakam.)

This video below shows Mitchell blocking James Harden twice and Luka Doncic once from downtown. Both stars have the shooting skills and handles to put Mitchell on skates, but the Western Kentucky product keeps the ballhandler in front of him and keeps his hands up to contest the shots.

Reliably blocking threes is especially impressive due to the league’s increased athleticism, better shooting and referees calling incidental contact more than ever.

With teams chucking with abandon (2018-19 season saw a record made 27,955 threes), Robinson provides much-needed defense and intimidation to make shooters think twice when he’s roaming the perimeter.

He remains at least one good reason to watch the Knicks every night.