LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: Where does TBW go with no basketball?

Dear friends and subscribers of TBW,

Much has certainly changed in our world over the past couple of months. We anticipate further changes and challenges due to COVID-19 in the near future. These hurdles supersede everything I am about to discuss, so please note this perspective that we recognize basketball (and sport, in general) as such minor elements in the big picture of life right now.

Like so many, however, we are directly affected by the NBA suspending its season, along with FIBA, eSports and the looming possibility of the WNBA doing the same.

But we also believe that celebrating the game of basketball doesn’t and shouldn’t have to stop even in unprecedented circumstances like this one.

In fact, having a momentary diversion from the more important challenges of present real-life—to recharge our spirits and reflect on past-times we love—is both appropriate and necessary to continue pressing on and working toward shared goals of global health and recovery. (I spoke more about that in our recent “Basketball by Association” podcast.)

That’s why we’re working hard behind the scenes to unveil fantastic new stories and content in the coming days that remind us all why NBA, WNBA, FIBA and all forms of basketball are so influential, uplifting and just plain fun. We’ll also be giving you a chance to get to know our writers better, as well as their intriguing and diverse backgrounds, that are all connected by a shared passion for the game.

Like many of you who live in the U.S., we’ve had to recalibrate a lot during the past few days, so you probably have noticed there hasn’t been the usual amount of content on our site. Our writers are often having to make the same life-changing professional and personal adjustments as so many people, so we appreciate your patience and understanding while we settle into this temporary new “normal”.

That said, we’re committed to not only providing value to the subscriptions you’ve entrusted to us but to actually increase their worth in your life during the coming months.

Thanks for sticking with us. In doing so, you’re not only supporting interesting, intelligent, informative and insightful basketball storytelling that concentrates on the game, its teams and players, (rather than clickbait, soap opera and fluff), you’re also directly financially supporting the writers who work exceptionally hard to bring these stories to you. 

These folks have families, jobs and responsibilities to uphold during these tough times as well, so your support is truly appreciated by all of us!

Thanks for helping us Elevate the Conversation. Elevate the Game. Your friend in basketball,

– Joel C. Cordes – TBW Editor In Chief