‘The Last Dance’ Roundtable: The End

TBW Media decided to take things to Twitter for the culmination of ESPN and NETFLIX’s documentary, The Last Dance. Writers Bob Bajek, myself and Editor in Chief Joel C. Cordes live-tweeted the finale together as a way to do our periodic roundtable a bit differently.

Below you will find a restructured recap of our thoughts on the end of the 1997-1998 Chicago Bulls.

The last two episodes focused on the 1998 Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers as well as Chicago’s back-to-back trips to the NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz in 1997 and 1998.

The Pacers were a strong team coached by Larry Bird and featuring Reggie Miller, Mark Jackson, Jalen Rose, Chris Mullin, Rik Smits, Antonio Davis, Dale Davis and Derrick McKey. They became only the second team during the Bulls six-title run to force a Game 7.

Utah not only had former Dream Team participants Karl Malone and John Stockton but also the man typically considered the second-best coach of the era (Jerry Sloan) as well as one of the NBA’s most raucous home crowds.

Without further ado, let’s get the tweets rolling!

1998 Eastern Conference Finals: Indiana Pacers vs. Chicago Bulls

1998 NBA Finals: Utah Jazz vs. Chicago Bulls:


Michael Jordan’s Trash Talk:


Dennis Rodman’s Antics:


Jordan’s Second Retirement in 1998:



Narrator: “It did.”

Narrator: “They didn’t.”

In the end, The Last Dance was a nice stroll down memory lane that we wish had dug a little more into the day-to-day, opponent insights, and commentary on the impact from key ancillary pieces. It turned into “the Michael Jordan documentary” more than “the Bulls documentary” but kept our attention all the way through and left us wanting more in a good way.

Not a bad way to spend five Sunday evenings, though the series will likely be dogged with questions about whether it was rushed in production due to the COVID-19-induced release date that moved publication up by a few months.

If the final episodes are any indication, this seems to be an accurate slight even as Jordan fans surely got everything they wanted out of the experience.