BbA 7: Appreciating Great Teams Without Rings; Meet Brandon Jefferson

In this seventh episode of the Basketball by Association podcast, Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes are joined by TBW’s Brandon Jefferson to discuss how the ‘Seven Seconds or Less’ Phoenix Suns of the early 2000s changed basketball forever.

Centered around Brandon’s must-read “The NBA I Grew Up Watching: ‘Seven Seconds or Less’ Phoenix Suns”, the conversation turns to how we evaluate NBA greatness, award MVP’s and where influential teams like the Suns and early-aughts Sacramento Kings fit in the basketball pantheon.

The guys also discuss Brandon’s journey from basketball fan and player to a journalist, along with advice to those just starting out and/or trying to improve their writing process.

Finally, Arky and Joel also find out Brandon’s favorite players and moments that have shaped his basketball journey.

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