BbA: Are Little Point Guards Endangered Today?; Meet Dan O’Brien

In this fifth episode of the Basketball by Association podcast, Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes are joined by TBW’s Dan O’Brien to discuss their favorite “short” point guards from the past and present.

Framed around Dan’s entertaining article “The NBA I Grew Up Watching: The Undersized Underdogs”, the guys reminisce about luminaries like Kevin Johnson, John Stockton and Tim Hardaway while showing love to some forgotten and/or underrated guys who were 6’2″ and under.

But are the little guys endangered in today’s NBA?

Dan makes an interesting case that the pace-and-space revolution is hurting the short guards as much as it has forced power forwards and centers to adapt-or-die.

Finally, Arky and Joel also get to know Dan’s background into basketball, coaching and writing, as well as the players and moments he holds dearest as a fan.

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