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How Jaylen Brown Turned His Basketball Weaknesses into Strengths

One of the most exciting aspects of NBA fandom is watching a promising young player tap into his lofty potential. Sometimes it happens in a hurry, but oftentimes it occurs incrementally. Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown falls into the latter category, as he’s gradually grown from a high-upside-yet-erratic teenage rookie into a steady, dynamic scoring…


NBA PODCAST: Does Ben Simmons Still Go No. 1 in a 2016 NBA Re-Draft?

In this episode of The NBA Podcast, Morten Jensen (@msjnba) and Bryan Toporek (@btoporek) re-pick the lottery of the 2016 NBA draft. Is Ben Simmons still the No. 1 overall pick? Does Pascal Siakam leap over Brandon Ingram at No. 2? How high does Malcolm Brogdon jump? Does Jamal Murray now go before Buddy Hield?…