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BbA 17: Fate of NBA’s Reboot, G-League & Relegated 8

At what point does the league decide that Florida is the worst possible place to attempt its season reboot? Will it consider rescheduling or re-locating to avoid the current epicenter of COVID-19? TBW staff writer Bob Bajek joins hosts Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes for a wide-ranging discussion, including the latest Coronavirus-related NBA news…


Get the W: How the WNBA Comes Back This Summer

Promising comments have recently begun circulating among WNBA officials that the league can still return to play in 2020. But questions like “how soon?”, “for how long” and “at which location(s)” remain complicated to answer. Additionally, what will happen to the team rosters when final cuts are likely to be made without ever having completed…


NBA Players, Teams Stepping Up During Coronavirus Pandemic 

COVID-19 unexpectedly forced the NBA season to a screeching halt. Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive, and the league and other sports leagues immediately shut down to protect players, coaches, employees and their fans’ health. The coronavirus’ specter continues its spread nationally and abroad, stressing hospitals, economies and communities to the brink. Without basketball,…