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BbA 10: Favorite Centers of the 90s; Meet Bob Bajek

In this 10th episode of TBW’s Basketball by Association podcast, Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes are joined by Bob Bajek to reminisce about their favorite paint patrollers of the 1990s. Inspired by Bob’s “The NBA I Grew Up Watching: When Centers Ruled the League”, they look back on why they loved (or hated) luminaries…


The NBA I Grew Up Watching: When Centers Ruled the League 

The NBA’s rapid evolution into a positionless game within the past five years has changed basketball forever. This development offers a more open floor and skillful game that showcases players’ otherworldly athleticism through off-the-ball movement, teamwide defensive switching concepts and by stretching defenses horizontally with long-range shooting way past the arc. Even with such positive…