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NBA’s Top 25-and-Under Floor-Stretchers

One of the most amazing things about today’s NBA is how many talented shooters there are. We’ve never seen so many prolific long-range threats in the league at one time. Most young gunslingers coming into the NBA have been practicing the three-ball their entire lives, and it shows. And those who haven’t been working on…


NBA Sophomores Who Have Figured it Out

As new rookies come into the league, the previous year’s draft class gets supplanted in the public consciousness unless they are transcendent talents like Luka Doncic and Trae Young. However multiple players from the 2018 NBA Draft class have experienced a tremendous uptick in production during their second season, some of whom are rather surprising.…


Ranking Each NBA Team’s Prospect Cores for 2019-20, Part 2

Now that the NBA regular season has finally begun, it’s time to continue ranking each and every team’s young prospects. Just to reiterate, these rankings might seem surprising on the surface with some rather unorthodox choices at various slots, but this list’s criteria are weighted heavily toward teams with a high volume of prospects that…