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Frank Ntilikina is Still Worth Waiting for

French native Frank Ntilikina has been a project for the Knicks ever since being drafted eighth overall in 2017. Going into that draft, the 6’4” guard drew a lot of interest from scouts as a top overseas prospect, mostly due to his above-average wingspan (7’0”) and great ball-handling skills. The Knicks jumped at the opportunity to…


FIBA World Cup 2019 HQ

Here you’ll find all our scouting reports and previews for the 2019 FIBA World Cup in one easy place. We’ll also add our tournament check-ins and analysis as well. Special thanks to TBW’s Brandon Jefferson and Dan O’Brien for helming coverage. Remember to check out fiba.basketball/basketballworldcup/2019 for all scores and game coverage. In-Tournament Coverage https://bballwriters.wpengine.com/fiba/previewing-2019-fiba-world-cup-quarterfinals-by-small-big-pairings/…


FIBA World Cup 2019: Ranking Team USA’s Biggest Threats

Formally known as the FIBA World Championship, the inaugural FIBA World Cup of Basketball begins on August 31 and has been rebranded in hopes of gaining more popularity—it was also moved from 2018 to 2019 so as not to conflict with the men’s FIFA World Cup. Since 2008, international basketball competitions have been dominated by…