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2020 NBA Draft: Jalen Smith Primed to Outperform Draft Position

This draft class is heavy on ball-dominant guards and bigs. Naturally, lead guards will be compared with previous lead guards as teams go through their pre-draft process, and the bigs will be compared with bigs. Within the post players and rim protectors category, there are a few ways to look at them as prospects. From…


2020 NBA Draft Watch: Who Does Coach Spins Love?

Remember the good old days when your kindergarten class would have a Valentine’s Day celebration? Everyone would bring in a decorated shoebox with a slot in the top, as well as a massive bag of valentines to deliver. We’d go around the room and slip them to our friends and classmates, then anxiously open them…


2020 NBA Draft Watch: Coach Spins’ Preseason Top Ten Prospects

Last Spring, our crew at The Basketball Writers dove into NBA Draft coverage head-first. With in-depth positional breakdowns and scouting reports on each player’s strengths and areas of improvement, our aim was to shift the conversation towards identifying where each prospect fits best and what to expect from them early in their careers. Written analysis,…