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TBW’s 2019 NBA Draft Bible

Everything you need to know is right here as you get ready for Thursday night. Whether you’re researching unknown players who just popped up in your Twitter feed, or you just want a fresh take on your favorites, the TBW crew of Adam Spinella, Dan O’Brien, Bryan Toporek, Mort Stig Jensen, Antonis Stroggylakis and Enzo…


TBW’s Official 2019 NBA Mock Draft

Let’s not waste time or precious cliches by reminding you what time of year it is, what’s at stake Thursday, how one life and/or NBA franchise can be changed in an instant. Blah, blah, blah. You’re here for a Mock Draft, so here’s how you read the positions on this one: PG = Point Guard…


2019 NBA Draft Prospect Breakdown: The Wild Cards

Through my own recruiting and this draft scouting process, I keep circling back to this quote in examining my own methods. All scouts and assistant coaches must answer to somebody when gathering information on a player, and they will be forced to answer questions to provide context and conclusions from the legwork they’ve done. But…