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How Spencer Dinwiddie is Carrying Brooklyn Nets Offense

It’s been a couple of years since Spencer Dinwiddie proved the skeptics wrong and established himself as a valuable standout for the Brooklyn Nets. This season, he’s proving nearly everyone wrong again. Kenny Atkinson’s much-hyped, new-look squad got off to a rocky start this fall. A three-game skid in mid-November sank Brooklyn to 4-7, then…


Just What Are the Brooklyn Nets Up to?

We all knew Sean Marks was moving the Brooklyn Nets in the right direction. From the resurgence of the organization during the 2019 NBA Playoffs to the sudden rise of their free agent candidacy, the Nets have been considered a threat to turn the corner from rebuild to contender. When news broke on Thursday of…


NBA Chalk Talk: Early 2019 Playoff Adjustments

Coaching is a lot like chess. You have to think several moves ahead, see the entire board and understand the value of each piece at your disposal. Anticipating your opponent’s moves and trapping them in their own style is considered masterful. Postseason basketball is beautiful for that reason. The players are the ones executing and…


Fear the Brooklyn Nets

Prior to Victor Oladipo’s season-ending quadriceps tendon injury, the Eastern Conference appeared to be a five-team race. While the Indiana Pacers have remained surprisingly frisky sans Oladipo, a brutal upcoming stretch could send them plummeting back to earth, leaving the Milwaukee Bucks, Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics as the favorites to emerge from…

Caris Levert's injury bent but didn't break Brooklyn.

How Long Can Brooklyn Nets Keep Winning Without Caris Levert?

By the skin of their teeth. That’s how the Brooklyn Nets won seven in a row, one month since an ugly leg injury sidelined leading scorer Caris Levert. It was an exhilarating, nail-biting, head-smacking, why-are-they-doing-this-to-me, can’t-the-clock-go-faster sort of winning streak. So when the Indiana Pacers brought the streak to an end Friday night, defeating the…