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BbA 18: NBA Playoffs First-Round Matchups We Crave

How will the NBA’s rebooted season shake out the standings during its final eight regular-season games, and which first-round matchups should we be especially excited for once the NBA Playoffs begin? TBW staff writer Bob Bajek joins hosts Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes to break down each of the most fun scenarios for the opening round, including…


NBA, WNBA Continue Fighting for Social Justice

George Floyd’s murder last month at the hand of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin appears to have jolted much of America’s collective conscience from an apathetic slumber. People of all ages, races and backgrounds have taken up their First Amendment rights of assembly to redress grievances⁠—namely the extra-judicial killing of unarmed Black men by America’s…


BbA 16: Weighing Each Conference Ahead of NBA’s Return

What matters in an NBA Playoff series when momentum and homecourt advantage no longer hold as much weight? Which teams in the Eastern Conference want to avoid matching up against one another? Which Western Conference squads have a chance of forcing a play-in series between the No. 8 and 9 seeds, and who could be…