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NBA, WNBA Continue Fighting for Social Justice

George Floyd’s murder last month at the hand of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin appears to have jolted much of America’s collective conscience from an apathetic slumber. People of all ages, races and backgrounds have taken up their First Amendment rights of assembly to redress grievances⁠—namely the extra-judicial killing of unarmed Black men by America’s…


It’s Time for a Massive Investment in WNBA Kicks

As Miami Heat guard Jimmy Butler searches for a new shoe deal, the vast majority of his counterparts in the WNBA are in the same situation. But one is far likely to find a new home than all the others. The time to change that has come because of the prevalence of star power in…


How New-Look Minnesota Lynx Can Reclaim Their Contender Status

The Minnesota Lynx are one of those rarest WNBA teams (due to the league’s relatively young age) that carries a true dynastic legacy. Problem is, playing in the shadow of legacies can be hard when you’re endlessly striving to regain a luster that most other franchises have never even had, much less lost. No team…