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Can Miami Heat Find Jimmy Butler a Co-Star?

Despite entering the offseason well over the salary cap, the Miami Heat managed to finagle their way into the Jimmy Butler sweepstakes. The Heat landed the four-time All-Star in a four-team sign-and-trade after complications arose with the original deal’s structure. That move hard-capped Miami for the remainder of the season, which means it cannot go…


Examining Hassan Whiteside’s Portland Trail Blazers Fit

The Portland Trail Blazers are coming off of a surprise Western Conference Finals run. Damian Lillard is at the height of his powers, confidently operating in the superstar plane. CJ McCollum just proved his brand of three-level scoring has immense value in the postseason. There’s a spread-the-wealth system in place that the stars are comfortable…


How Portland Trail Blazers Take the Next Step

The Golden State Warriors have been the class of the conference for half a decade, but that could change next season. They’re guaranteed to be without Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson for most, if not all of the 2019-20 campaign. Barring a near-miraculous recovery, Durant (torn achilles) probably won’t return until 2020-21. Thompson (torn ACL)…