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Ranking Each NBA Team’s Prospect Cores for 2019-20, Part 3

Our rankings of each team’s young prospects continue with teams 6-10. We only consider players who are entering their third season or younger, and players with a proven NBA track record are weighted quite heavily along with those who have proven collegiate production. While some rankings might seem surprising on the surface, this list’s criteria…


What Would an NBA All-Rookie Third Team Look Like?

This may come as a shock, but the NBA is on a different tier (or seven) from college hoops. Games are longer with less time to make decisions thanks to the shorter shot clock shorter. The court is bigger, giving defenders even more ground to cover. Players are bigger, faster, stronger and (mostly) smarter. There’s…


Maybe We Were Too Hard On DeAndre Ayton

Course correction can be a tough thing to manage. Everyone’s had a staunch opinion on something or someone, doubled down on it, then grudgingly changed their minds when presented with new evidence. It happens in all facets of life, but it’s especially true in NBA Twitter. Sometimes you can get so caught up in a take,…