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NBA Film Study: Why JJ Redick is the Best at Using Screens

Everybody handles unspeakable tragedies in different ways. Some like to internalize their thoughts and emotions while others become more expressive. We think of what we’ve taken for granted; some for a quick moment, and others are touched and changed for a prolonged period. There’s no right way to cope. A little over a week ago,…


Coach Spins’ NBA Film Room: How to Stop the Pick-and-Pop

The pick-and-pop has become one of the NBA’s most common plays on offense, even more so as skilled big men continue to get stretchier and the lanes are kept open for ball-handling drivers rather than lumbering rollers. With everyone frequently running this action—even going so far as to invert the look with guards and wings…


NBA Film Study: Scouting for Opponents’ Tendencies

Scouting reports are especially vital at the highest levels of basketball. They prepare players for personnel tidbits, identify an opponent’s best or most frequent sets, and unify the team in a direction for how to attack both. Those reports will have a video and written component most times, so different learners can digest the information…