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Most Misleading Stats of the 2020 NBA Draft

Statistics can be a useful tool to evaluate NBA Draft prospects if they’re used in the right context and supported by adequate eye-test footage. However, many casual fans, media and even executives can get fooled due to factors like small sample size, team context and player development potential. Not all college hoops stats are proportionate…


2020 NBA Draft: Nico Mannion Remains An Underrated Prospect

Oklahoma City Thunder head coach Billy Donovan presented at an online coaches clinic on April 1 about his offensive philosophy. There he was asked this question by a viewer, “What is the most difficult transition for a player going from college to the NBA?” Donovan’s answer was a brilliant way to frame the pre-draft process.…


2020 NBA Draft Watch: Coach Spins’ Preseason Top Ten Prospects

Last Spring, our crew at The Basketball Writers dove into NBA Draft coverage head-first. With in-depth positional breakdowns and scouting reports on each player’s strengths and areas of improvement, our aim was to shift the conversation towards identifying where each prospect fits best and what to expect from them early in their careers. Written analysis,…