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Grading New York Knicks’ Mid-Lottery NBA Draft Targets

There is always hope in the next New York Knicks draft pick. Despite the franchise’s frustrating recent history and tumultuous management, there’s a buzz and eagerness to talk about the future in Leon Rose’s first offseason as team president. The talent at the top of this year’s draft isn’t particularly stellar, so many franchises may…


2020 NBA Draft Watch: Coach Spins’ Preseason Top Ten Prospects

Last Spring, our crew at The Basketball Writers dove into NBA Draft coverage head-first. With in-depth positional breakdowns and scouting reports on each player’s strengths and areas of improvement, our aim was to shift the conversation towards identifying where each prospect fits best and what to expect from them early in their careers. Written analysis,…


2019 NBA Draft Prospect Breakdown: The Lead Guards

Let’s fill a sorely-needed space in the NBA Draft landscape: video breakdowns. Instead of thousands of words thrown at a reader to illustrate a point, showing those key points visually can be so much more effective. Plus, there is a clear absence of thorough and nuanced video breakdowns for each top prospect, creating an over-reliance…