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Ranking Each NBA Team’s Prospect Cores for 2019-20, Part 2

Now that the NBA regular season has finally begun, it’s time to continue ranking each and every team’s young prospects. Just to reiterate, these rankings might seem surprising on the surface with some rather unorthodox choices at various slots, but this list’s criteria are weighted heavily toward teams with a high volume of prospects that…


Donovan Mitchell’s Sophomore Slump Ends Just in Time

A  decline in performance following a successful debut has plagued many sophomores from the 2017 draft class. Jayson Tatum, Lonzo Ball, Lauri Markkanen and Dennis Smith Jr. all experienced it to varying degrees. However, Donovan Mitchell’s essentially topped them all. Underdrafted (13th), he exploded onto the NBA scene, even snagging rookie-of-the-year votes from Ben Simmons.…