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Power Ranking Each WNBA Team, Post-Free Agency – Part 2

With many WNBA teams diving headlong into free agency, a divide has eroded the mid-tier competition. A binary of approaches has materialized: Some franchises are win-now; others prepare solely for the future. The new CBA led to a ballooning of both player salaries and the cap. This created a free agency free-for-all that has shaken…


Breaking Down WNBA’s Wild Week of Free Agency

February 10 kicked off an exciting flurry of free-agent activity for the WNBA, and each of the 12 franchises has made moves they hope will improve their roster for the upcoming 2020 season. With the new CBA in place, some teams—like the Los Angeles Sparks and Phoenix Mercury—have pounced with large dollar offers to entice…


Imagining the WNBA’s Hot Stove That Isn’t

Right now fans could be watching Twitter feeds for any clue as to the future destinations of some of the WNBA best talents in free agency. But they’re not. Everything is quiet amid a missed opportunity. The league’s horrible compensation structure—which gives players as a group a mere 20 percent of basketball revenues—is mostly to…