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BbA 11: What We Still Want from ‘The Last Dance’

In this 11th episode of TBW’s Basketball by Association podcast, Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes are joined by Brandon Jefferson to break down what they still want from ESPN’s landmark documentary The Last Dance’. Fueled by Brandon’s “The Last Dance Roundtable: Episodes 1-4”, the guys first discuss what has gone so well already for the retelling of the…


‘The Last Dance’ Roundtable: Episodes 1-4

There has been a noticeable lack in must-watch television for sports enthusiasts with the NBA season still suspended (along with all professional sports). Like the rest of the world, TBW media has been locked in on ESPN’s The Last Dance—a 10-part documentary airing two episodes a week starting at 9 PM EST—as we strive to continually…


3 Things ‘The Last Dance’ Hasn’t Told You (Yet?)

One of the reasons The Last Dance has been so widely anticipated is the never-before-seen video content that was promised. Just two episodes in, there is still a lot to be shown from the culmination of the Chicago Bulls’ second Three-Peat, but while some of the information that has already been revealed, other parts have…