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2020 NBA Draft: 4 Inherent Biases in How I Evaluate Players

Earlier this spring, I wrote a piece on Tyrese Maxey as a draft prospect, focusing on his lack of 3-point shooting as a reason for my pessimism when considering him as a future NBA player. The article was framed through the lens of my bias towards shooters. From there, several conversations about bias have come…


BbA 9: Navigating NBA Draft Bias with Adam Spinella

In this ninth episode of TBW’s Basketball by Association podcast, Arky Shea and Joel C. Cordes are joined by bballwriters.com‘s Adam Spinella to examine how much bias plays a part in scouting players prior to the 2020 NBA Draft. Centered around Adam’s “2020 NBA Draft: On Bias, Tyrese Maxey & Evaluating Shooting”, we discuss how…


2020 NBA Draft: On Bias, Tyrese Maxey & Evaluating Shooting

Bias props up frequently in the NBA prospect evaluation process. I’m told it shows up in many other forms of decision-making throughout life as well… Those who are making key decisions are informed by their past experiences and anecdotal knowledge. Their job is to understand how what they see, informed by a grasp of how…