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2020 WNBA Season Preview: Bright Spots for All 12 Teams

Despite all the momentum of a new CBA and an historic influx of talent, the WNBA found itself at the mercy of COVID-19 just like every other sport (and industry) across the world. And while many countries coalesce towards recovery, the United States has split its response to the pandemic down party lines. Additionally, a…


WNBA Roundtable: Answering 2020-21 Season’s Big Questions

Though the WNBA has announced its intention to return, a lot of questions remain for TBW’s staff, including the moral, competitive and technical implications of what will unfold at the IMG Academy. We searched for some answers in this recent roundtable between TBW’s WNBA writers Myles Ehrlich, Jannelle Moore and Huw Hopkins. WNBA player Nneka…


Get the W: How the WNBA Comes Back This Summer

Promising comments have recently begun circulating among WNBA officials that the league can still return to play in 2020. But questions like “how soon?”, “for how long” and “at which location(s)” remain complicated to answer. Additionally, what will happen to the team rosters when final cuts are likely to be made without ever having completed…