For the Love of the Game

In mid-June of 2020, the founders of TBW made the difficult decision to cease publication as of July 4, 2020. There were many layers and circumstances involved, including the severe economic ramifications of both the COVID pandemic and global recession on both sports media and the online industry as a whole.

We have worked tirelessly over the past couple of years to share our love of the game through high-quality NBA, WNBA, FIBA and NBA2KLeague content while creating an equitable space for our writers. Market forces and developments made that increasingly perilous, especially as we considered how full recovery was likely to be a slow and difficult process.

Because our writer compensation was based on a commission structure directly tied to subscription revenue, we recognized that it would be unsustainable for all involved to continue.

Though we plan to keep our archives free and available until at least early 2021, we hope that all who enjoyed TBW will also utilize a free membership to the Basketball Intelligence daily e-newsletter, which is operated by TBW co-founder Ray LeBov as a curation of the same style of high-quality hoops content you enjoyed here.

We are incredibly proud of the hard work our writers and podcasters did during these past couple of seasons and ask that you continue to follow and support them at their other bylines:

Bob Bajek

Jalon Dixon

Myles Ehrlich

Huw Hopkins

Gabe Ibrahim

Sid Mohapatra

Jannelle Moore

Dan O’Brien

Arky Shea

Adam Spinella

We published 1,004 articles, videos and podcasts from October 2018 until July 2020 thanks to the efforts of 45 talented, passionate contributors. We are grateful to them for sharing their love of basketball with us, listed in chronological order of appearance:

Kelly Scaletta

Ray LeBov

Joel C. Cordes

Adam Spinella

Sara Peters

Ben Dull

Austin Hutchinson

Nekias Duncan

Antonis Stroggylakis

Brian Mazique

Bryan Toporek

Morten Stig Jensen

Duncan Smith

Jeff Siegel

Jannelle Moore

Andrew Favakeh

Dean Oliver

Brian Sampson

David Berri

Wes Goldberg

Daniel O’Brien

Rafael “Mr. Controversy” Haynes



D. Intellectual

Allen Fields

Enzo Flojo

Ermay Duran

Nate Wolf

Tim Faklis

Myles Ehrlich

Brandon Jefferson

Tony East

Danny Small

Michael Rosenfeld

Chris Guest

Dylan Hunter Carter

Bob Bajek

Derek Helling

Sid Mohapatra

Huw Hopkins

Arky Shea

Howard Ruben

Jalon Dixon

Gabe Ibrahim

Enormous thanks are also in order to the following people who contributed technical support, interviews, guidance and/or encouragement. We apologize if we’ve missed anyone but are extremely grateful for all your help and involvement:

Keith Kinney

Mary Scaletta

Kayleigh Cordes

Sarah Hafner

Barry Kleiman

Farhan Dhanani

Fer Olivera

Tayna Agapito

Colin Killberg

Bob Rathbun

Jim Petersen

Matt Bullard

Jared Greenberg

Jim Barnett

Mark Jones

Arielle Chambers 

Rachel Galligan 

Lyndsey D’Arcangelo 

Theresa Plaisance 

Lexie Brown 

Karlie Samuelson 

Joey Leedham-Warner 

Sydney Wiese 

Tierra Ruffin-Pratt

Isabelle Harrison

Carl Wheatle 

Hannah Shaw

Howard Megdal 

Paul Nilsen

Jenn Hatfield

Fran Fraschilla

Kelsey Trainor

Sara Kustok

Alexa Philippou

Marques Johnson

Finally, sincerest thanks to all our readers, followers and supporters from across the U.S. and 25 countries worldwide who took a chance on us and supported our team. It was an honor and privilege to share a love of the game during our time together.

TBW will live on in spirit and ethos through as well as the “Basketball by Association”, “Get the W” and “I Got Moore” podcasts, which are continuing independently.